Body and Face paint

I come from a family with lots of artists, my grandfather also loved painting and I think he passed his gene onto a lot of his grandchildren.

Recently I've started combining my canvas art with body art,  working with a few good photographers who reproduce my art back to canvas again.

Something I love doing and is such a blessing to do, is making  Belly castings and Belly paints . Feeling the baby move around,  while painting is a wonderful feeling, that I feel so honoured to be a little part of such a special moment!

Face painting of little children is so special, to see those face and how they appreciate the small things in life!!.

Look at the world through the eye of a child and you will always be smiling!!!!

Well that was the bit about me I hope you like my work and that I can also paint for you :-)
If you want to, please find in the menu bar, our portfolio's where we show our work since a few years, facepainting, body painting, the belly paints, but also the pleasure we have while organising workshops with international guests and teachers.

I also at request made a portfolio of my other work, the hairworks. A profession of mine I don't share very often, but has my love for a long time.

We came 8th in the World Bodypainting contest 2012!!